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The Côtes du Rhône is a terroir but also a philosophy and expertise. Côtes du Rhône wines would be nothing without the work of the winegrowers who constantly cultivate this beautiful heritage that they have received from nature and history.

Their expertise is unanimously recognized and inspires generations of professionals around the world. The winegrowers of Rhône Valley vineyards nurture a special kind of art: blending the various kinds of soil, exposure and grape varieties that compose their vineyards.

Locally-crafted blends have inspired winemakers across the world; in fact, the term « Rhône Blend » is used worldwide to describe any Rhône-inspired red wines. 

Quite the accolade!



4 pledges

The Côtes du Rhône are committed to 4 pledges: ensuring the transparency of practices, protecting biodiversity, respecting the terroirs and preserving resources, and passing on a legacy for future generations.

To ensure the transparency of practices

Commitments and philosophy

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Main versant du vin blanc dans un verre

To protect biodiversity

Commitments and philosophy

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Feuilles de vigne

To respect the terroirs and preserve resources

Commitments and philosophy

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Paysage de la Vallée du Rhône

To pass on a legacy

Commitments and philosophy

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